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Welcome to your affordable dental care provider in Arizona. Our practice is committed to giving you the best possible smile and providing quality care in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

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We understand that stained or poorly arranged teeth may bring down your self-esteem. And we would like to put a stop to it by using our cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, affordable dental implants for seniors, emergency dental care Scottsdale, and other available services.

At Precious Smiles, we go the extra mile to put a stop to your pains. Toothaches are like nightmares, and they should not continue forever. At our clinic, we have a capable cosmetic dentist in Scottsdale who is always willing to attend to your worries. All you need to do is to reach out to your dentist.

The Scottsdale Dentist at Precious Smiles, under the expert care of Dr. Tony Kaocharoen (Dr. K or Dr. K-O to his patients), you will see all of your oral care needs to be addressed.


Here at Precious Smiles, we welcome patients of all ages, from children to teens to adults to seniors. We work with you to develop the optimal treatment plan, provide cost estimates, and coordinate with your insurance company to work with your budget.

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Dr. K is outstanding.
He and his team treated me like an old family friend. The team is also super nice, respectful, courteous, and want to go the extra mile to ensure my needs are met. My wife and I have been going here for 4 years and always thankful for our decision to switch to them. I hope as they grow, that they do not let go of any of their staff, because our experience has been great so far!
Soren Atkinson
Dr. Kaocharoen is an exceptional dentist and a really nice person.
He's amazingly gentle, quick, and technically perfect. Stacy, the hygienist, and Kristi, the front office person, reflect what a great practice this is. I've been a patient for over 10 years and have never referred a person that did not rave over Dr. Kaocharoen and his staff.
Linda Tucker
I have been going to Dr. Kao for nearly 15 years.
He is always very attentive to detail; he is also very compassionate. I had a problem tooth a year ago - he spent much time helping me get through the crisis. I highly recommend him. Stacey is amazing at cleaning the teeth. She is very professional and thorough.
Erin Newman
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Welcome to your affordable dental care provider in Arizona. Our practice is committed to giving you the best possible smile and providing quality care in a relaxed, comfortable environment.

It is widely assumed that you should see a dentist twice a year. This is a good rule of thumb to remember when in doubt. However, if you want to know how frequently you should have a dental checkup, you should consider your specific mouth, hygiene, habits, and overall health.

Many people wait till they experience toothaches or awkward color changes before visiting a dentist. But this is not advisable. A problem that started mildly would have gotten worse before it got the notice of the dentist. And it may become more problematic. Visiting a Scottsdale Dentist regularly for a check-up means protecting yourself from a bigger problem. Just as the proverb says, a stitch in time saves nine. Again, you may have a dental problem and not be aware. You can also visit a dentist to get teeth whitening done; it will boost your confidence and give you a precious smile.

As part of good oral hygiene, you should change your toothbrush regularly. The dentist advised that you should change your toothbrush every three months. Plaques accumulate on your toothbrush, so you should change them regularly. Patients treating tooth decay, gum disease, and other dental issues should change their toothbrushes more often. Toothbrushes should be washed, cleaned, and kept in a cool place. Electric toothbrushes can be used for more than 3 months before replacing them. We await your visit to Scottsdale Dentistry. Kindly reach out to us through the details given on our page.  We want to see your precious smile.

Dr. Kaocharoen

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